Field Notes on Adrift-ness

In November, 2019, MUCK and The Nature Library hosted a silent walk from

Project Cafe to Cowlairs Park in Glasgow.


Before walking, workshop goers were invited to select some of the copies of texts to take with them and read to themselves in order to motivate critical thought whilst on the silent walk.

Walkers were asked to record field notes in the form of writing to informally discuss after the walk.


Upon reaching the park, we sought to converse on notions of adrift-ness in a structured landscape, informed silences, field notes, nuanced knowledge that can be found when listening to your surroundings and the importance of The Nature Library in Glasgow within the context of our current epoch.

In A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Rebecca Solnit weaves the reader through a calm tangle of scientific observation, colour theory, invisible histories and personal anecdotes. This workshop encouraged using Solnit’s nuanced perspective to inform us of the necessity to listen to a landscape. Donna Haraway uses the term "Situated Knowledges" as a radical approach to noticing and documenting claims to knowledge that are ignored or left out of linear, and often white-washed, accounts of global history.


Copies of sections of Solnit’s text will be available at The Nature Library, currently hosted by Project Cafe, Glasgow.



MUCK is open to collaborating with critical literary and arts organisations. Contact to begin a chat.

MUCK would like to thank all workshop-goers, The Nature Library

and Project Cafe, Glasgow.

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